Club Sea Breeze – A Five Essentials Review

Club Sea Breeze was the first of the “Five Essentials Reviews”, however, at the time of the original review, CSB was in pre-enrollment and the review was only preliminary. Club Sea Breeze officially went live on Monday, April 5th at noon Mountain Standard Time and this review is based upon the available information at that time.

There are major changes, additions and alterations made to the Product Suite and the Compensation plan and information in this current review supersedes information in the prior review.

Five Essentials, 5 Stars per Essential. Perfect score is 25 Stars or an average of 5 stars.

Reviews have previously been completed on TVI-Express and LGN-Prosperity. There are Five Essentials Reviews forthcoming on Diamond Holiday Travel, Pyxism, Dream Style Vacations, Royal Cruise Matrix, Traverus, Resorts 360, Life Path Unlimited, Global Resorts Network, Wealth Masters International/Carbon Copy Pro, and more, stay tuned.

Again, in the spirit of telling you where I sit before I tell you where I stand, I have a position in Club Sea Breeze and a growing team.

These reviews are researched and written from the perspective of someone looking at, analyzing and performing their due diligence relative to making a decision on whether or not to become an associate of a particular opportunity and begin representing that company and its products.

US based associates, please note that every network marketing company in existence can, has and/or will be compared against criteria established by the FTC and can be categorized as a legitimate network marketing company or an illegal product based pyramid, recruitment pyramid, and/or ponzi scheme. There is a discernible difference between all four and potential associates evaluating any opportunity are encouraged to include as part of their due diligence, research on the Federal Trade Commission’s Official Website.

In the end, it’s a personal decision each associate has to make, either those already in or those thinking of joining. You have to decide for yourself, if, based upon what you discover in this process, if you want to promote a company and opportunity.

The structure of these critical reviews will follow the keys to analyzing network marketing opportunities established in an earlier article, “Due Diligence 101 – Five Essential Elements Key to Analyzing Network Marketing Opportunities”

ESSENTIAL ONE–The Company 5 Stars

Where are they located?

Corporate headquarters are located:

Club Sea Breeze,LLC
1438 North Highway 89 Suite 120
Farmington, Utah 84025

Is their corporate presence legitimate and consistent with a multi-national, multi-million dollar company?

Anticipating future growth CSB has secured adequate corporate office space to house the current business and future expansion. Logical management team functions like legal, accounting, IT, programming, web administration are being directed by the management team, but delivered by 3rd parties, most of which are off-site and scattered around the globe.

Company ownership and/or management team, who are they, are they accessible?

Kelly Williams Family is both ownership and management team. The management team also includes a core group of founding associates. Kelly, the members of his family involved into the CSB project and the founding associates are all readily accessible and are continually relaying ideas from and to the membership. Already major changes and enhancements have been implemented as a result of this cooperation.

Detailed profiles of the Executive Team and Founding Associates, aka Advisory Board Members can be found on the corporate web site. The transparency and accessibility of the company ownership and management team sets Club Sea Breeze firmly into the upper echelon of network marketing companies. You can know and communicate with exactly who you will be working with and for in CSB.

Does the company and/or principals/management team have a track record and/or experience in the industry?

Kelly Williams and family and the founding associates have a broad spectrum of experience and proven records of successes in network marketing, internet marketing, financial planning, the travel industry, multiple business ownership, and private sector business operations. Part of what makes Club Sea Breeze unique in its market is the fact that the company and opportunity have been put together with the associate first and foremost. This mindset creates an environment ripe for success for the typical associate as well as the mega-builder.

Most network marketing opportunities are using the model, network marketing, to sell a product and the opportunity side of the equation is put together to favor builders and the company, waving the big payday out for them, but it isn’t readily attainable for the average person getting in and that average “Joe” isn’t likely to make much if any money. Some opportunities even count on Joe failing-sad, but all too often true.

What measures has the company taken, are they continuing to take to insure legal compliance?

Because CSB is located in the USA, compliance is a major issue and one that any legitimate opportunity is compelled to address and ideally not just address, but incorporate into its structure from the beginning if it’s aiming for long term stability and sustainability.

Through the guidance of two separate and independent top network marketing attorneys retained by CSB, the company, opportunity, product suite and patent pending compensation plan have been developed and will continue to develop in compliance with current and known rules and regulations of the FTC and other governing and regulatory agencies.

ESSENTIAL TWO–The Product 5 Stars

What market sector and specific niche is the company competing within?

Club Sea Breeze offers a suite of products that currently address two distinct market segments, Travel and Financial Planning.

What specifically is the product?

At launch there the Travel portion has one component, Luxury vacation rentals of vacation condos, cottages, resorts and villas. Over 5000 properties worldwide to choose from. Weekly stays for CSB members are discounted heavily and CSB Members pay from $299-950 for the week, never more than $950, no blackout dates, no restrictions, great value.

The Financial Planning component is both a software package and ongoing program, which has won awards from BYU and is endorsed by Stephen R. Covey, renown author of the best selling book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This product also provides a residual income stream and 5th component to the compensation plan.

Is it in demand? Can the product hold interest on its own?

Short answer is YES. Success and demand in the Travel industry for opportunities and products is well documented and represents the hottest segment of the industry at present. There is no shortage of new opportunities with travel based products, and even some that offer the same or similar product. But only CSB offers this suite of products at this price. For example, the ability to book a vacation condo, villa or resort for a week for 4 for $299 versus the retail rate of $1300+ saves 3x+ the cost of the CSB membership. And that is a lifetime benefit. There are other opportunities out in the marketplace right now that charge $1000’s more for the same product and don’t have the financial planning/wealth building and management program.

One determinant the FTC uses is the degree of real and perceived separation of product and income generating opportunity. In other words do people get in just because of the money they can make or is there real value to the product? In the case of CSB, there is real and true value to the product suite and there will be demand for the product alone.

And here again, compliance is paramount. It’s why you can just buy the membership and not participate in the opportunity and you can participate in the opportunity with no obligation to purchase the product (though it is difficult to market a product you don’t actually own) And because of the value in the product alone, there will be retail or product only sales, something else the FTC likes to see, a reasonable ratio of product sales to business owners. In other words when everyone who owns the product also has a business whether they want one or not is a huge “red flag”.

THREE–The Compensation Plan 5 Stars

What is the investment? And are there any additional charges? Monthlies, autoship, etc.

Club Sea Breeze, as part of it’s ongoing commitment to remain compliant with FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and other regulatory agency rules and regs, identifies two separate and distinct classifications of participants, Members and Associates. Members and memberships refers to participation in CSB benefits only, with no connection to the income opportunity. Members have lifetime access to CSB benefits for a one time fee of $397.00

Purchases can be made via direct deposit, all of the major money delivery and payment services which due to editorial guidelines can not be identified, cashiers check and some associates will offer credit cards individually. CSB has decided not to offer credit cards as a payment option through the company or the replicated sites of the associates at this time due to the capricious nature of merchant accounts and network marketing companies, the high risk and cost associated with this payment method, and a number of other factors that increase risk to the company and associates.

Commission payouts will be made via several options, you choose from, ACH, bank wire, “PP” and for international associates a debit card. Associates and associate-ships refers to participation in the income opportunity with an annual cost of $29.97 and includes a replicated website to market CSB, marketing tools, access to trainings, webinars, etc

You can be both member and associate, only a member or only an associate which is part of the compliance issue or in the case of CSB, not an issue since the income opportunity is separate from the product. It is important to understand that each associate-ship is “activated” by a retail sale so that if you become an associate and pay for the year at $29.97 you will not be placed onto a Panel unless and until there is a retail sale associated with your associate-ship.

This happens in one of two ways, When you become an associate and pay your annual fee of $29.97 you also have the option of purchasing a membership at the associate price of $337.00 and doing so at that time will insure you are placed onto a panel immediately. You can also sell a membership to a retail customer who chooses not to activate an associate-ship and then you can use that sale to activate your associate-ship and at that point enter onto a panel and permanently into the system.

How and or why does that happen? Well there are numerous scenarios, for example, you sell a membership or gift one to a family member who has no intention of using the income opportunity, in this case you, as the sponsor, retain the associate part of that membership and can activate it as an additional profit center (PC) at a time of your choosing. Or perhaps an associate/member sells several memberships to a group of customers in an assisted living facility who like to travel, but have no interest in the business, again, all of those memberships would have the associate part separated and conveyed to the seller or sponsor who would have the option of activating them or not.

Because the product suite will have genuine market demand, CSB correctly anticipates there will eventually be more members than associates, further strengthening it’s position of compliance with existing FTC rules and regulations.

How many positions are you allowed to have?

In CSB an individual is allowed to have one position per tax identification number, generally their social security number or passport number for international associates. And again, this is a compliance and legality issue. When you can purchase multiple ID’s under a single Tax ID this situation, commonly known as “stacking”, is considered non-compliant and you absolutely cannot do this in CSB.

Please do note however, when an associate makes a retail sale, they earn the additional profit center and are allowed to activate the associate part of that membership as previously discussed.

The Math, can the compensation plan sustain itself on it’s own?

The CSB “Revolution Panel” is a never before seen, never before programmed linear cycler with unique and powerful features.

Membership/Associate-ship costs break down as follows:

$397 less $60 personal sell commission less $72 to CSB and $265 Panel entry

When you enter a new Panel, the first 3 of 7 positions are already filled and there are 4 empty positions and you occupy the first available position of the four possibly available spots. When all 4 are filled, $265 x 4 = $1,060 in revenue less $500 Personal Panel Cycle Over Ride less $250 Sponsor Over Ride less $45 to CSB, leaves $265 for entry into a new Panel.

In this way all monies taken in are accounted for and all commissions are paid from proceeds coming into the Panel, also accounting for a 20% operating margin for CSB..

What is needed to create the first $100,000

This question goes directly to how exactly do you make money in CSB? Again, the compensation plan at CSB is centered around a single, panel that fills and cycles, quickly and easily. That’s 4 people, the panel reorganizes and splits, someone gets paid and follows to their sponsor’s Panel AND that persons sponsor makes $250.

The interesting “Features” include: the ability to control the placement of your own Spill Over to help your team members

“Follow me” feature which has you following to your sponsor’s current panel whenever you cycle and any of your personally sponsored people following you to fill the first available spot on your panel when they cycle.

Spill up that will help you qualify quickly

Over ride Bonus that pays you $250 each time a personal sponsor or any of their additional profit centers cycle. These collectively combine and have the ultimate effect of helping even the average marketer, to make money as they build and not having to wait for the big pay day that most never achieve, while at the same time creating an environment in which a good marketer can generate massive income, quickly and efficiently.

There are actually 5 ways to get paid in CSB, the personal cycle $250-500 and the sponsor over ride at $250 are only two, there is also personal sell commission each time you sell a membership of $60 (modest, but something), a leadership bonus pool based upon how many people you help cycle, which once earned is permanently earned, and finally there is residual income generated by the financial planning and wealth management program product.

For a comprehensive discussion of how the Panel functions, splits, monies are earned and paid see the presentation on the company website or the detailed article at Ezine Articles, “The Club Sea Breeze Compensation Plan – What You Must See and What You Have to Know”.

The important points to know are that it takes only 4 people to enter and split the panel generating $250-500 for the cycling person, $250 for their sponsor and that the maximum number of people is 11 and the minimum number of people you would have to personally sponsor onto a panel to actually cycle and collect $500 is two (2), that’s right only 2. And that between sponsors placing spill over onto a panel, the “follow me” feature and all businesses cooperating together to fill only 4 spots, quick cycling panels will be the norm and not the exception.

As for generating $100K in annual income, break it down into approximately $8,500 monthly. Now this is strictly a mathematical exercise since no one has achieved these numbers yet because the opportunity just launched.

So a few assumptions have to be made: First, although the minimum is 2 personally sponsored to cycle the panel for $500 and the maximum is 11, for this example we will assume that number is, on average, 6. Second, not everyone in your group will work equally, but on average, this exercise assumes they each will cycle twice in a month. Given what’s on the table, these are very conservative estimates and very achievable assumptions.

Now mathematically you would need to cycle 16 times at $500 to make $8500, which at 6 people per cycle would mean 102 people. A daunting task for even an accomplished marketer. But the CSB comp plan pays you on more than just your own efforts. So a group of 12 personally sponsored people, cycling two times a month would generate an income in CSB as follows:

Personal Cycle Over Ride

From original 12 positions at 6/cycle = 2 cycles or $1000

As a result of the “Follow Me” feature

12 positions x 2 cycles = 24 cycles at 6/cycle = 4 more cycles @ $500 or $2000

Sponsor Cycling Over Ride

12 positions x 2 cycles = 24 cycles at 6/cycle = 4 more cycles @ $250 or $6,000

Leadership bonus Pool

This activity has also earned the rank of “One Star Navigator” and 5 shares of the bonus pool

Again, for a comprehensive discussion of how the Panel functions, splits, monies are earned and paid see presentation on the corporate site and/or the detailed discussion in the Ezine article, “The Club Sea Breeze Compensation Plan – What You Must See and What You Have to Know”.

FOUR–The Marketing/Support System 5 Stars

Does the company provide marketing support, training, tools, etc?

Kelly Williams and one of the Founding Associates, Mike Leroux collectively generated a team in a prior opportunity of 17,000 plus associates in less than 3 months, largely on the strength of the support, materials, training, tools that they provided.

They will be bringing the same energy, professional quality of tools and training to CSB.

Associates for their $29.97 annual fee will be getting a replicated website to send prospects to, there will be corporate sponsored webinars on an ongoing and consistent basis; daily training, power point deck; recordings; webinar replays; support website, marketing scripts, resource database, extensive FAQ section and more.

Are there established teams which provide these same services, tools and mentorship?

Because CSB is being developed by actual marketers, the corporate site and tools will be unusually strong. Additionally because there are always strong marketers out there who want to do things their own way, there will be options for associates from the beginning.

Each of the Founding Associates/Advisory Board Members will likely have some additional tools available For example the Extreme Global Success, EGS Team has a comprehensive free site offering resources for all associates, including 3rd-party vendors for web sites and other services at very reasonable prices, a quick start guide, personal business planning, coaching, and mentoring, a 90-day turnkey system to the income you desire, lead source and more. Most of these options are part of joining the team, but of course the 3-party vendors are not working for free.

FIVE–The Model 5 Stars

Is this general model something I can work with? Can I see myself doing this? Is this something I can put my dreams and future behind?

Ultimately this is the “WHY” every marketer must answer for themselves. The company and model can do everything possible to make it easier to succeed, faster, but in the end analysis, it is still network marketing and as a marketer you do have to get out in front of people and share the opportunity with them.

And CSB helps to even mitigate this aspect by developing a model that actually has a component of other, unrelated businesses cooperating to help fill the current panel-people helping people. Club Sea Breeze has and continues to develop a product suite in demand in the marketplace, in demand for it’s value above and beyond and separate from the income opportunity.

CSB has developed a compensation plan unique in the marketplace. It is so unique and so powerful in fact that there is a patent pending on the “Revolution Panel” and the company programming the software, in business 12+ years-developing compensation plan software for network marketing companies, was so impressed with the comp plan the owner is buying a position in CSB. When people who should know get that excited over your plan, you have a hold of something special.

CSB is founded and is being developed by experienced marketers who really are focusing on the success of the average person, while at the same time developing an opportunity irresistibly lucrative to an accomplished marketer.

And finally, CSB is being developed and originally structured to be compliant for the long term stability and sustainability of the opportunity. It is a family company, headquartered in the USA, with the guiding principles and values of work ethic, highest levels of service, ethics and integrity. CSB is truly interested in, motivated and committed to accountability.

In addition to your own effort this is exactly what you want from a company you are representing.

Based upon the Five Essentials criteria outlined in the original article on these Reviews, “Due Diligence 101 – Five Essential Elements Key to Analyzing Network Marketing Opportunities”, Club Sea Breeze, CSB earns a total score of 25 out of a possible 25 and a Five Essentials Rating of 5 Stars.